Electronic cables


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LIYCY Screened electronic cable 02/2019 0.61 MB
As a connection cable in the fields of control, measuring and signal technology, data processing and office technology. Its design makes it best suited for portable devices. The copper mesh offers optimum protection against external high-frequency influences. For dry, damp and wet rooms, as well as outdoor use in the case of fixed installation but not suitable for underground installation.
JE-Y(ST)Y Bd Si Cable for industrial electronics 02/2014 0.22 MB
Installation cables for industrial electronics with a static shield are used for telephone and information systems in environments subject to interference, as well as in the case of increased requirements regarding the transmission of signals and measured values in control systems. They are suitable for installation in dry and damp operating sites within buildings, on and under plastered surfaces, as well as for fixed laying outdoors and on buildings’ external walls.