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We would not be elmat and we would not be here today if ambition had not always been our motivation. That and the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Because in the end this is what creates business relationships that stand the test of time, this is the basis of entrepreneurial success.

Our traditional core competence in cables and lines, paired with tried and trusted high-tech know-how, for example in the field of innovative data and network technology, gives us the opportunity to shape the future of our customers. A challenge that we are delighted to accept. To master it, we rely on the continuous improvement of our product quality and on optimised work processes. It is an approach that we and our employees truly believe in. So that more and more customers can come to appreciate the competence, flexibility and partnership-based cooperation we offer. And so that elmat will continue in the future to be what it is today: a successful family firm.

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There is no room for approximations in cable and line competence. Quality and performance must be perfect. And the offer must be perfect too - elmat offers you a product range which has grown to meet every requirement and every customer request. You can expect our solutions to be flexible. In every sense.

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fairline Network Technology

For us, ultra modern data and network technology has a name: Fairline. Use the strengths and multiple possibilities of a modular system that meets the highest requirements of modern network technology.

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Titanex Premium

Titanex Premium dummy text.

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