A company is only as good as its employees. Therefor elmat owes all of its success to the dedicated people working there .

Bodo Schlagheck - Gabi Schlagheck - Alexander Heuser
Gabi Schlagheck
Alexander Heuser
Bodo Schlagheck
Dirk Schlagheck
S.Bork - N.Jost
Dieter Hamann
Norbert Büscher - Paolo Bennici
Herbert Elbert - Vladimir Durnev
Natalie Jost
V. Schneider - M.Shllaku - E. Ritter
Andreas Popp - Ingo Wirths - Thomas Blesius
Andreas Piel
M.Meyer - A.Schmandin - J.Canosa - J.Wetzler
Sandra Merz-Schubert
Stephanie Bork
Birgit Mehner
Sandra Okrafka
Anja Zimmermann
Alexandra Antweiler
Detlev Schüler
Thomas Eigenfeld
Andre Schmandin
Thomas Blesius - Ingo Wirths - Andreas Popp
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There is no room for approximations in cable and line competence. Quality and performance must be perfect. And the offer must be perfect too - elmat offers you a product range which has grown to meet every requirement and every customer request. You can expect our solutions to be flexible. In every sense.

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fairline Network Technology

For us, ultra modern data and network technology has a name: Fairline. Use the strengths and multiple possibilities of a modular system that meets the highest requirements of modern network technology.

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Titanex Premium

Titanex Premium dummy text.

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